An unexpected error has occured – Configuring Intune connector for Active Directory


When Hybrid Azure AD join via AutoPilot was announced I pretty much dived in right away. The available documentation from Microsoft seemed to be enought to get started, so I did.


Installing the “Intune connector for Active Directory” also known as “ODJConnector” is a simple Next-Next-Finnish process but when connecting to Azure AD I ran into issues. Sign-in with my global admin account and MFA seemed to work fine but still:

An unexpected error has occurred.
An error occurred while processing your request.


I actually ended up opening a support case for this, but it turned out to be really simple. What the documentation doesn’t tell you is that using a cloud-only account will not work. The account used for setup must be synced from the on-premise directory.

As soon as I assigned Global Admin rights to an account synced from Active Directory the configuration went through and the server appeared in the InTune portal.

After registration I decided to remove Global Admin permissions from the synced account used for setup and this did not seem to affect the connector at all and it’s been running fine ever since.

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  1. This tip was excellent!
    Thanks for this, I have long been looking for a solution

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