Change the “Update password” section in ADFS

There are tons of customization’s available for ADFS and most of the time the changes requested are well documented. When it domes to making changes to the ADFS password change page the documented options are a bit more limited.

In this case a customer wanted to replace the text “Update password” on the ADFS password change page.

User experience before the change

I tried finding information on how to make this text change but to no avail, after a closer look at the code I found that the element was called “openingMessage”. With this information I was able to create some code to replace the text.

// Replace the "Update Password" section
if ( document.getElementById("updatePasswordArea") ) {
    if ( document.getElementById("openingMessage") ) {
        document.getElementById("openingMessage").innerHTML = "Custom message"

After adding the code to you onload.js and applying it the text should be gone and in it’s place you should find the custom message.

User experience after the change

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