Azure AD claims values – a complete list

I was looking for a Microsoft Docs article providing a list of possible source values for SAML claims in Azure AD. I was, however unable to find one. Here’s a list of the standard source values for Azure AD claims available as per today.

In addition to these, custom synced attributes are also allowed in the claims.

  • user.assignedroles
  • user.companyname
  • user.department
  • user.displayname
  • user.dnsdomainname
  • user.employeeid
  • user.extensionattribute1
  • user.extensionattribute2
  • user.extensionattribute3
  • user.extensionattribute4
  • user.extensionattribute5
  • user.extensionattribute6
  • user.extensionattribute7
  • user.extensionattribute8
  • user.extensionattribute9
  • user.extensionattribute10
  • user.extensionattribute11
  • user.extensionattribute12
  • user.extensionattribute13
  • user.extensionattribute14
  • user.extensionattribute15
  • user.facsimiletelephonenumber
  • user.givenname
  • user.jobtitle
  • user.localuserprincipalname
  • user.mail
  • user.mailnickname
  • user.netbiosname
  • user.objectid
  • user.onmpremisessecurityidentifier
  • user.onpremisessamaccountname
  • user.onmpremisesuserprinciaplname
  • user.othermail
  • user.physicaldeliveryofficename
  • user.postalcode
  • user.preferredlanugauge
  • user.state.user.streetaddress
  • user.surname
  • user.telephonenumber
  • user.userprincipalname

I find having a list of these attributes available to share with developers and application suppliers very handy as these are commonly things I receive questions about. This is especially true when moving applications from ADFS to Azure AD.

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1 thought on “Azure AD claims values – a complete list”

  1. Would have been a useful list if you had included sample values for them.

    Some are special if it is a guest user. Or a microsoft account (principal name).

    What is user.mailnickname?

    I can guess but this list could have been really useful.

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